Breakfast Exchange Club of Billings

Breakfast Exchange Club of Billings

Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Who We Are

Exchange is America's premier service club, a national organization for men and women who want to serve their communities and enjoy the opportunity to develop leadership skills, meet new people and forge lasting friendships.


Benefits of Being a Member

We keep funding the effective programs that work towards protecting and healing children the opposite way of government and foundation is funded. We don't care about recognition, only results.


Current Projects and Scheduling

We were proud to present $25,000 to Veterans Matter - National Homeless Veterans Housing Program to fund an operation in Montana to help house homeless Veterans! Thank you to all who participated in the Food Truck Battle on the Yellowstone to make this donation possible. 10% of the sales from the food trucks as well as the proceeds from entry fee and beer sales made this possible. Handing a large check of $25000 to the Veterans Matter Program Team.

June 15, 2019 – 2nd Annual Food Truck Battle on the Yellowstone
The proceeds from our event will go to a non-profit called Veterans Matter that assists Veterans with obtaining housing through the Veterans Assisted Supported Housing (VASH) program. Veterans, generally homeless, get approved to receive the VASH vouchers to help them pay their monthly rent payment. This money for the vouchers comes from HUD. However, the Veterans still have to come up with a deposit, which many don't have. If they can't come up with the deposit, they lose their voucher for housing. The proceeds from this event will go towards assisting the Veterans with their required deposits.

Month of May – Youth of the Year Award
One of the most popular Exchange youth projects, the Youth of the Year Award recognizes hard-working high school students who attain high levels of scholastic achievement, community involvement and leadership.

Our Mission

Community's preeminent service club.

The Breakfast Exchange Club, a Montana Not-for-Profit corporation, chartered by the National Exchange Club, commits its membership resources, in a collective and cohesive fashion, to creating a more sustainable community through:

  • Support of social needs and problems, with a special emphasis on youth.
  • Support of education.
  • Assumption of proactive leadership in our community.
  • Participation in community activities and organizations.
  • Support of patriotism.
  • Development of its membership through education, exchange of ideas, and camaraderie.

Our Vision

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To be our community's preeminent service club, thereby serving as a role model for other service clubs and/or civic organizations in terms of a cohesive, growing membership, fundraising activities, and service to our community.

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