Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Breakfast Exchange Club of Billings

Donations and Contributions

The Breakfast Exchange Club makes grants to local 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations throughout the year. Our fiscal year runs July 1 - June 30. More than one request in a fiscal year or calendar year will be considered.

Those organizations whose request passes both the Community Service Committee and the Board of Directors, will be notified and payment arrangements made, in most cases a letter will not be sent to those we decline to fund given the time restraints on our all volunteer crew. This club primarily spends over 2,000 man hours a year raising funds, so we usually contribute cash rather than labor to community projects.

Other areas we have made grants include disabled/handicapped sports programs, Billings park system development, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Crime stoppers reward fund, Kids Against Crime-Adopt a Cop, Salvation Army Dress-a-Child, scholarships, Seniors Christmas Tour-of-Lights, and many others. Programs funded and the amounts typically varies substantially based on that year's mix of members making the decision.

Purposes We Generally Do NOT Fund

  • Individuals medical or related expenses.
  • Travel for teams, athletes, students, etc.
  • Building funds or endowments.
  • Specific staff positions.
  • Dinners, shows, or other events.

Purposes We Have Funded in the Past

  • Program start-up or expansion costs.
  • Matches for Federal or other grants.
  • Operating or Administrative costs.
  • Equipment, Tools, Computers, Supplies, Printing.
  • Remodeling for new use in serving children.
  • Emergency operating funds to meet sudden funding losses.

Grant Amounts

Our range is currently between $100 and $7,500 to a single organization. Most are between $750 and $5,000.

What We Look For

  1. Fit to our priorities and our past giving history with that organization, use, and population.
  2. Number reached directly and the impact on their lives as well as their alternatives.
  3. Lack of duplication with other programs.
  4. Innovation, creativity in planning and delivery and measurements of results.
  5. Lifetime impact on the service population or duration of the investments use.
  6. Other sources of funding the organization and the specific need requested.
  7. If club members, their spouses, or children already donate their time to that organization (that increases funding likelihood).

Attach a copy of your organization’s budget, the projects budget and sources of funds, general information of your purpose (i.e. a brochure or annual report), and a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter along with the application.

Download the grant application and submit it using the form below.