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Breakfast Exchange Club of Billings

Guidelines and About the Event

About the Event

Move in/Out: You will be assigned a scheduled move-in time 1 week prior to the event. All vendors must be completely set up by 11:00 am on Saturday, August 26th. You will not be allowed onto the grounds until your specified move-in time. Tear Down/Move-out at conclusion of event once Security clears the grounds of attendees.

Compete: Prepare a dish for judges in the category in you wish to compete (see above, only 1 category allowed per truck). Event will open to judges at 11am at which time food entries will be brought by the vendor into the judging area for judging. The event will not be open to the public until noon. Winner of judge’s overall pick will receive a commemorative plaque.

*Please note: What you serve attendees can be different from what you create for the food judges.

Entertainment: 2 bands will play throughout the day

Popular Vote: Tickets will be given to each attendee at the gate with instructions on where to place their vote for their favorite truck. Votes will be tallied, and the most votes will win the “People’s Choice” award. Winner of People’s Choice will receive a commemorative plaque and $500 to be given to the charity of their choice.

Ticket Sales: Attendees will be charged a $5 admission, kids 12 & under and Veterans will get free admission.

Beneficiary: Beneficiary will be a non-profit or charitable organization(s) whose primary focus is on Veterans

PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited! Please register by 7/1/23 to be included in social media promotions. We will advise you to confirm your application. Detailed vendor information, including a placement map with move-in times, will be available the week before the event.

Guidelines – Please Keep for Your Records

Please carefully read the following rules and regulations necessary for vendors to participate in this event.

  • Competition between the food trucks will consist of the categories listed in the application. Each truck will prepare items in the category in which they enter to be presented to the judges at the start of the event at 11am at the judging area. A People’s Choice vote will also take place. Attendees will be given a voting ticket at the entrance and there will be voting containers at each truck.
  • Vendors are strongly encouraged to have sample-sized portions available for sale for attendees to be able to sample several different foods before placing their vote. This has been a frequent complaint in past years that trucks don’t have sample sizes for the people to do actual comparisons and vote, so people just end up voting for the truck for which they are most familiar.
  • Trucks must stay open for the duration of the event so should be prepared with enough food to last for the entire time. We had approximately 7,000 in attendance at the event in 2022.
  • This is a fundraiser for Veterans organizations. In lieu of a specific amount for an event fee, all participating food trucks are required to donate 10% of their event gross earnings to the Breakfast Exchange Club to be donated to the specified non-profits. At the conclusion of the event, you will submit your payment to the designated Breakfast Exchange Club area and you will be given a receipt. You will be required to show your receipt before exiting the event. Breakfast Exchange Club members will be present at the gate for you to provide evidence of payment before leaving the premises. The event reserves the right to perform an event audit of all participating vendors.
  • Participating vendors authorize the event and its committee members to promote their business. Potential promotions include social media posts and live video, mentions on television and radio interviews, posters, and banners. Vendors also authorize the use of their logo as well as any photographs.
  • Vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) are not part of a vendor space. Space is very limited, and our map is very specific to the size of your truck/trailer. Vehicles must enter the park only as directed to drop off trailers and supplies. BBQ may include a cooker as needed. There will be a designated area on site to park other vehicles.
  • Safety is of highest priority. Any external tents, awnings, umbrellas, outdoor furniture, garbage cans, etc. MUST be properly installed and secured in the event of high winds and inclement weather. You will be held liable for any damage or injury sustained by attendees caused by your property.
  • Space assignments will be created to be as fair as possible on the best interest of the event. If some spaces become more favorable, a lottery system will be used to decide positioning.
  • This application neither implies nor grants any preferential consideration or location.
  • NEW THIS YEAR - Electricity will be an option at this location. You will be assessed a fee at the end of the event of $40 for 110v or $60 for 220v.
  • No roaming vendors. This event is not able to support roaming vendors.
  • No cigarettes, cigars, or e-cigarettes in the vendor space at any time.
  • The event is held on Federal Government property; therefore, no firearms/weapons, smoking, or pets are allowed on the premises.
  • Vendors must furnish all supplies needed to operate booth, i.e., napkins, plates, and cups.
  • Vendors are responsible for placing trash in dumpsters and keeping their space neat and sanitary within a 20-foot radius. No disposal of liquid waste from fryers or other food biproducts. We will impose a $50 waste removal fee for any vendor that does not dispose of trash properly in the dumpster.
  • Water, ice, and refrigeration are not provided
  • Customer service, cleanliness and courtesy must be practiced and always observed.
  • Vendors must wear clean clothing, shirts with no tears and shoes always.
  • All participating vendors must be approved by RiverStone Health prior to the event and provide their license number on the vendor application. A temporary food service permit can be obtained by request from RiverStone Health if you do not have a current permit.
  • Breakfast Exchange Club members are the only authorized servers of alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  • Food vendors shall wear gloves and follow handwashing procedures set forth by RiverStone Health.
  • You may not breakdown your booth or tent until event completion. You will be advised as to when tear down can begin.
  • All participating vendors must provide certificate of insurance listing the Breakfast Exchange Club as additional insured upon submission of application.
  • Vendors shall agree to conduct its activities upon the premises so as not to endanger any person thereon and to indemnify and hold harmless the Breakfast Exchange Club, its officers, and members against any and all claims, demands and causes of action, including claims for personal injury and/or death, damages, costs, liabilities, in law or in equity, or every king of nature whatsoever.
  • Event is organized by a committee of volunteer members of the Billings Breakfast Exchange Club. All event decisions will be presented to the committee for approval. The committee reserves the right to make all decisions for the event based upon a consensus between committee members. These decisions include but are not limited to the approval of participating food vendors.

Please direct any inquiries to yellowstonefoodtruckbattle@gmail.com or 406-850-9800.