Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Breakfast Exchange Club of Billings

Become a Member

Who Can Become a Member

Members must be over 21 years of age given our work with alcohol. They must be American citizens. They need to be able to serve beer and stand for several hours at a time. The ability to make the 7 am meeting, have some evenings and weekends available for beer shifts, and pay the dues are obviously important as well.

Member applications are voted on by the Board of Directors and each application must be sponsored by a current member.

Where and When We Meet

We meet at the American Legion on Broadwater Avenue for breakfast at 7am on Fridays. Meetings usually last an hour or less, including breakfast and a speaker. This works well for busy people as you are done by 7:50-8 am.

Cost of Membership

Initial membership fee is $25.00. Quarterly dues (which include the breakfasts) are $120.00 per quarter. Dues are paid quarterly. Be sure to check with your employer, as some will pay for these dues.

How to Join

The first step in joining the Billings Breakfast Exchange club is to contact a member of the club. Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page. Next, you will want to arrange to come to a couple of breakfast meetings with them to see if the club and breakfast is something that you really want to do. Review the Responsibilities and Values page. After that, ask for a membership application or follow the link below to fill out a form online. Return the application to the member sponsor or to the address printed on the application. The Board of Directors will then review your application. If approved, you can then pay the dues and join the best service organization in Billings.

Membership Application